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Become a member

  • Please note
    Please note

    The Sphere General Assembly approved a new membership structure and lower membership fees in April 2021. This page will be updated soon. In the meantime, please contact us for additional information.


Who can become a Sphere member?

Members of Sphere are organisations or individuals whose core activities include assisting and protecting people and communities affected by crisis. Sphere members make no adverse distinction in their work on the basis of nationality, race, gender, diversity, religious belief, class or political opinion.


Apply for Sphere membership

Please complete and submit the relevant application form below, being sure to include the additional documentation requested.


    You are an organisation whose core activities, or member’s core activities, work towards assisting and protecting vulnerable people and crisis affected communities. It can be a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO), NGO network or a member of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.


    UN agencies, donor agencies, national disaster management agencies, standards development organisations, academic institutes, foundations or private sector entities.


    Individuals with a strong commitment for furthering the vision of Sphere.

Member benefits
  • Directly invest in Sphere’s vision
  • Help shape Sphere’s research and policy agenda
  • Connect with a global network of specialists in humanitarian standards
  • Exclusive access to learning opportunities for members
  • Host Sphere eLearning on your own platform
  • Eligible for Sphere Awards, recognising outstanding contributions
  • Right to use the «Sphere Member» badge, to increase awareness of Sphere
  • Attend and speak at the Sphere General Assembly
  • Submit proposals for consideration by the Sphere General Assembly
  • Vote at the Sphere General Assembly
  • Stand for election to Sphere Executive Committee
    Join by co-option only
  • Nominate candidates for election to Sphere Executive Committee
  • Participate in Sphere committees and working groups
    By invitation only
  • Free copies of Sphere Handbook (corresponding to the size of the organisation)
  • Receive exclusive member communications

*Large federations or networks of NGOs have the option to join Sphere and provide the benefits of membership to their own members.

Membership fees

The membership fee is an investment in achieving the collective vision of Sphere. Membership fees provide essential funding for the running of the organisation, while allowing us to leverage substantial grants from major donors so we can achieve our shared vision.
Sphere would not be financially viable without annual membership fees. We operate on a tight budget, overseen on behalf of members by our Executive Committee.
Fees for Full and Associate Members are calculated on the basis of the member organisation’s annual revenue (in CHF).