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Focal points


An engaged network of Sphere country focal points and regional partners works to disseminate knowledge and promote the application of the Sphere principles and standards around the world.

Focal points

Country focal points are organisations who actively promote and advocate for the application of the Sphere standards at country-level.

Focal point activities vary according to the humanitarian needs of their region. They work with local governments calling for the inclusion of Sphere standards in humanitarian response policies, share knowledge about humanitarian quality and accountability, hold Sphere trainings, and participate in the dissemination of the Sphere Handbook.

Regional partners

Regional partners are organisations or groups of organisations which carry out humanitarian quality and accountability activities and promote the Sphere standards at regional level. They build and nurture relationships with regional bodies as well as national and local organisations to facilitate regional advocacy activities.

Become a focal point

Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to know more about Focal Points’ activities. To submit an application, please contact network@spherestandards.org.

  • The activities of Sphere focal points vary greatly from country to country, depending on local humanitarian needs. Generally speaking, focally points:

    • Are the point of contact for people and organisations seeking support to implement Sphere, and for regional partner organizations;
    • Advocate with local governments for the use Sphere in their humanitarian and disaster management policies;
    • Promote the use of the Sphere Handbook with humanitarian organisations;
    • Translate the Sphere Handbook and materials into local languages;
    • Promote humanitarian quality and accountability activities and groups within the country.
  • The role of the country focal point is voluntary. Focal points receive no financial compensation from Sphere.

  • Sphere favours applications from organisations, agencies, networks of agencies, advocacy or umbrella organisations, to ensure continuity to focal points’ activities over time.

    To become a Sphere focal point, an organisation should:

    • Have extensive experience implementing the Sphere standards in the field;
    • Prove a record of carrying out Sphere-related activities;
    • Have the potential to successfully promote Sphere in the country – including with Humanitarian agencies, donor groups, and relevant government bodies;
    • Have enough time to dedicate to Sphere activities (5-10%);
    • Be endorsed by two Sphere members organisations.
  • Sphere encourages applications for priority countries with no existing focal points.

    Depending on the humanitarian needs in a specific region, there may be more than one focal point in a country. When this happens, the focal points are expected to work closely together and coordinate their activities. There is no hierarchy among focal points.


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