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  • Guide de formation pour les ANGC de Sphère
    Espanol 886,73 KB pdf 2022
    Ce guide de formation est à destination des formateurs, formatrices et points focaux de Sphère. Il a été conçu pour les accompagner dans l’animation de formations Sphère auprès des personnels de direction et des opérations des autorités nationales de gestion des catastrophes (ANGC). Ce guide est disponible en anglais, français et arabe.

    Un pack de formation ANGC complet est disponible en espagnol uniquement, y compris un guide détaillé pour l’animation et des supports pédagogiques, en particulier des diapositives PowerPoint, des modèles pour tableaux blancs, des sondages et des documents d’exercices pratiques à distribuer. Trois différents plans de séance sont proposés, selon les besoins du public.
  • Sphere online training package (English)
    Espanol 56,41 MB zip 2022
    The Sphere online training package includes materials and guidance for facilitating over 25 interactive online learning activities. It also contains guidance on how to run effective online Sphere workshops and courses, including pre-training preparations and post-training actions. This training package is designed for Sphere trainers by Sphere trainers. It is currently available in English only. Spanish, Arabic and French versions will be released later this year.
  • Rapport annuel 2021 (en anglais)
    Anglais 268,59 KB pdf 2022

    Par Sphère

    During 2021, Sphere continued to work with, for and through its network of members, focal points, trainers, donors and practitioners. Highlights include two new HSP partners; the first Sphere MOOC attended by over 900 people; new members and focal points; a major ToT programme in Mozambique; and many new resources including new products and new translations.
  • Sphere in action: Applying Sphere standards in Brazil
    Anglais 556,79 MB mp4 2021
    About 6,000 Venezuelans are currently displaced in the State of Roraima, Brazil. Fraternidade - Federação Humanitária Internacional, a Sphere focal point in Brazil, aims to place people in crisis at the center of the humanitarian response.
  • Activité « Les standards et les cibles »
    Anglais 42,04 MB zip 2021

    Par Sphère

    Cette ressource est prévue pour une activité interactive lors d’ateliers ou de formations et est facilement adaptable à l’apprentissage en personne ou en ligne. Son objectif pédagogique est de permettre aux apprenant-e-s de saisir parfaitement la différence entre les standards et les cibles. Cette distinction est indispensable pour toute personne qui utilise les manuels du Partenariat pour les standards humanitaires (HSP), mais n’est souvent pas bien comprise. La ressource est disponible en français, anglais , arabe, portugais, bahasa indonesia et espagnol, mais l’activité peut être menée dans n’importe quelle langue car le support principal est une série de 12 vignettes sans texte.
  • Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos (Parte 2, 2020)
    Portugais 2,17 MB pdf 2021
    A edição 2018 do Manual Esfera explicitamente incluiu, pela primeira vez, referências específicas a cenários urbanos. Este guia, a edição 2020 de Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos, amplia esse trabalho. Todos os elementos do Código de Conduta, da Carta Humanitária, dos Princípios de Proteção e da Norma Humanitária Essencial (NHE) são aplicáveis aos contextos urbanos.

    This guide is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

    Part 1 is available here.
  • Sphere Handbook Activity Cards (Version 2, 2021)
    Anglais 185,80 MB zip 2021

    Par Sphère

    The Sphere Handbook Activity Cards support learning activities for Sphere workshops and courses. Each card represents an element from, or related to, the Sphere Handbook such as a standard, commitment, program cycle activity, partner or theme.

    The ZIP folder (200Mb) contains a short guide to the cards, and all the files (PNG and PSD) you need to print - professionally or using an office/home printer - this deck of 92 double-sided cards (and even a tuckbox to keep them in).

    The cards may also be used to support online training using platforms such as Miro, Jamboard or deckhive.

    This resource is currently available in English only. If you would like to create a translated/localised version, please contact the Sphere office.
  • Sphere annual report 2020 (English only)
    Anglais 289,08 KB pdf 2021

    Par Sphere

    In the midst of a pandemic, 2020 was a challenge for many organisations. Sphere stepped up its efforts to convene and share expertise and further promote the application of humanitarian standards, through our global community.
  • Sphere microlearning assets
    Various languages 37,54 MB zip 2021

    Par Sphère

    Microtraining delivers short bursts of content for learners to study at their convenience. Sphere posts microlearning opportunities on social media feeds.

    This training resource contains links to Sphere's recent microlearning opportunities on LinkedIn, and PowerPoint files so trainers can translate, reformulate or repurpose the content.

    The materials are available in various languages (currently English, French and Turkish) in a single download. If you appreciate this content, please download this resource every couple of months to get the latest materials.