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  • Unlocking the Power of Sphere Standards: A Comprehensive Introduction for Practitioners
    English 7.96 MB pptx 2024
    Discovering Sphere Standards: A Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation for IDHA Graduates These engaging PowerPoint slides were thoroughly crafted and presented to the Graduates of the International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA), aiming to introduce them to the Sphere Standards and their practical application. The presentation includes a concise overview of the history and significance of Sphere, supplemented by a link to an introductory video for deeper understanding. Furthermore, participants are guided through the structure of the standards, empowering them with actionable insights. To reinforce learning, a short hands-on exercise prompts participants to design a hygiene kit, fostering practical application of the concepts discussed. Feedback from participants underscores the session's effectiveness in unlocking the potential of Sphere Standards for humanitarian practitioners.
  • 2h Introduction to Sphere workshop for students
    English 6.49 MB pptx 2024
    An interactive online workshop for students to introduce them to Sphere humanitarian principles and standards. PowerPoint presentation includes notes for lecturers and trainers.  
  • Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS)
    English 5.34 MB pdf 2023

    By LEGS

    LEGS is underpinned by a livelihoods approach and is based on three livelihoods objectives: providing immediate benefits to crisis-affected communities; protecting the livestock-related assets of crisis-affected communities; assisting the re-building of key assets among crisis-affected communities.
  • Nature-based Solutions for Climate Resilience in Humanitarian Action
    English 6.33 MB pdf 2023
    This guide, developed in collaboration with the Nature-based Solutions in Humanitarian Contexts Working Group, provides practical guidance for using the Sphere minimum standards when implementing nature-based solutions (NbS) that addresses societal challenges in humanitarian action, including disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation.

    The guide is currently available in English only. If you would like to translate or print copies of the guide, please contact the Sphere office.

    The guide was designed to meet high accessibility standards and this downloadable PDF has been remediated for accessibility and tested according to ISO Standard 14289-1 (PDF/UA) using the Matterhorn Protocol.

    The guide was authored by Jenn Hoffman and Dr. Sarah Henly-Shepard on behalf of Sphere, FEBA (an initiative of IUCN), PEDRR, EHAN and IFRC.
  • Sphere annual report 2022 (English only)
    English 1.11 MB pdf 2023

    By Sphere

    During 2022, Sphere continued to work with, for and through its growing network of focal points, members, trainers, donors and practitioners. Major activities included a Programme for Ukraine and Eastern Europe in response to the conflict in Ukraine, a new regional partner for Africa (AHSN), a new HSP partner (SEADS standards), the first HSP website, and the first French Sphere MOOC.

    For the first time in a few years, this annual report includes several pages of updates from our focal point network.
  • Using Sphere standards in urban contexts - training package
    English 54.62 MB zip 2023
    This training package is designed for trainers to guide them through delivery of a 3-day workshop. The training package may also be used for private study.

    By the end of the workshop, participants should have increased their understanding of how to: plan humanitarian action in urban contexts; apply Sphere standards to urban contexts; identify differences and similarities between humanitarian response in urban and other contexts; apply a people-centred, rights-based approach to needs and capacities analyses; and apply systems thinking to context analyses.

    This package is currently available in English only.
  • Sphere Short Workshop Pack 2023
    English 51.92 MB zip 2023

    By Sphere

    The Short Workshop Pack contains facilitation guides for various Sphere workshops: 2-hours, half-day, 1-day and 3-day in-person workshops; and 1x3-hour and 2x2-hours guides for online workshops to accompany the How to Use the Sphere Handbook self-paced online course.

    This pack includes Shelter scenario-based activities developed in response to the conflict in Ukraine, which can be easily adapted to other contexts. We recommend that users of this pack also download the full Sphere Training Pack, which contains facilitation materials for at least 5 days of Sphere training.

    These guides are mostly available in English only. The 2x2-hours online guide is also available in Ukrainian.
  • Путівник 2023 для 2 x 2-годинних онлайн-семінарів по Посібнику Сфери
    Ukrainian 2.95 MB zip 2023

    By Sphere

    Цей пакет містить посібники для фасилітації 2х2-годинних онлайн-семінарів, які супроводжують самостійний онлайн-курс «Як користуватися Посібником Сфери».

    Путівник доступний українською та англійською мовами.

    This resource is available in Ukrainian and English. The English version of this training pack is included in the Sphere Short Workshop Pack 2023.
  • Sphere NDMA training guide
    Spanish 896.11 KB pdf 2022
    This training guide is designed for Sphere trainers and focal points to support them when facilitating Sphere training for managerial and operational personnel of National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs). This guide is available in English, French and Arabic. A complete NDMA training pack is available in Spanish only, which includes a detailed guide for trainers and supporting materials including PowerPoint slides, whiteboard templates, polls, and handouts for practical exercises. Three alternative sessions plans are suggested.
  • Is the Core Humanitarian Standard fit for the future?
    English 1.33 MB pdf 2022
    The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability(CHS) emerged in 2014 from an extensive consultation process. It contains excellent guidance, further detailed in its 2015 Guidance Notes and Indicators. The CHS is currently under revision. This paper seeks to contribute to that revision.