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  • Sphere in Context and for Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
    English 2.42 MB pdf 2021
    This resource explains why it is important to use Sphere standards throughout the humanitarian programme cycle, and how to do so. The document starts with a section on how to use humanitarian standards in your context. This is followed by standalone but complementary chapters for Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.
  • Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos (Parte 2, 2020)
    Portuguese 2.17 MB pdf 2021
    A edição 2018 do Manual Esfera explicitamente incluiu, pela primeira vez, referências específicas a cenários urbanos. Este guia, a edição 2020 de Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos, amplia esse trabalho. Todos os elementos do Código de Conduta, da Carta Humanitária, dos Princípios de Proteção e da Norma Humanitária Essencial (NHE) são aplicáveis aos contextos urbanos.

    This guide is available in English and Portuguese.
  • Curso de formação Esfera edição 2018 (Português Europeu)
    Portuguese 160.16 MB zip 2021
    O Curso de Formação Esfera (edição de 2018) é um companheiro essencial não só para os formadores experientes Esfera, mas também para os líderes de oficinas menos experientes e até para os autodidactas. O curso é a principal ferramenta de apoio para conferencistas, consultores de aprendizagem e formadores de campo que facilitam a formação Esfera de qualquer tipo. Contém materiais no valor de cinco dias, e a sua natureza modular significa que pode ser utilizado na sua totalidade, reformulado para seminários mais curtos, ou introduzido em iniciativas mais amplas, tais como programas de graus humanitários.

    This resource is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. In addition, there is a contextualised version for those responding to the Syria crisis (Arabic only) here.
  • Training Outline - How to Implement Sphere Standards in the Field
    French 53.42 KB pdf 2021
    The aim of this session is to ensure participants are able to implement projects using the Sphere Standards hand-book in the field
  • Sphere strategy 2021-2025 (Full version)
    Spanish 1.43 MB pdf 2021

    By Sphere

    With this strategy, Sphere aims to reinforce its leadership role in promoting the global relevance, importance and consistent application of humanitarian standards for accountability to affected communities, through a global Sphere community of purpose and practice.
  • Sphere annual report 2020 (English only)
    English 289.08 KB pdf 2021

    By Sphere

    In the midst of a pandemic, 2020 was a challenge for many organisations. Sphere stepped up its efforts to convene and share expertise and further promote the application of humanitarian standards, through our global community.
  • Sphere strategy 2021-2025 (Overview)
    English 97.48 KB pdf 2021

    By Sphere

    This is a one-pager overview of the Sphere strategy 2021-2025. The full version of the strategy is available at this link.
  • Sphere COVID-19 Case studies (ZIP)
    Spanish 2.21 MB zip 2021

    By Various

  • Sphere in action: Applying Sphere standards in Brazil
    English 556.79 MB mp4 2021
    About 6,000 Venezuelans are currently displaced in the State of Roraima, Brazil. Fraternidade - Federação Humanitária Internacional, a Sphere focal point in Brazil, aims to place people in crisis at the center of the humanitarian response.
  • Water in the Humanitarian Response, March 2021
    Portuguese 2021
    Sphere’s focal point in Brazil, the Fraternidade-Federação Humanitária Internacional (FFHI), is active in several shelters in Roraima state hosting migrants escaping dire economic conditions in neighbouring Venezuela. While sourcing a sufficient quantity of safe water to meet their drinking and domestic needs (Water supply standard 2.1) may be easier in this urban setting than in a desert, it is not without its challenges. Read the full article in Spanish, English or Portuguese.