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  • The Humanitarian Standards Partnership (brochure - English only)
    الإنجليزية 2.19 MB pdf 2020 الخدمة: Sphere
    This brochure presents the work and members of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership (HSP). The aim of the Partnership is to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian action across all sectors and a harmonised approach to support users in the application of standards.
  • Applying humanitarian standards to fight COVID-19
    الإنجليزية 520.39 KB pdf 2020 الخدمة: Sphere and partners
    The Sphere Handbook and the other Humanitarian Standards Partnership (HSP) initiatives offer guidance on the COVID-19 response. They establish what needs to be in place for affected populations to survive and recover with dignity.
  • Alliance for Empowering Partnership (A4EP) - COVID19 position paper
    الإنجليزية 2.16 MB pdf 2020 الخدمة: A4EP
    The Alliance for Empowering Partnership (A4EP) is a network of organisations committed to strengthen the humanitarian architecture and locally led response. This position paper contributes to the discussions and decision making on COVID-19 at international, regional, national and local level.
  • Quality and Accountability for Project Management
    الإنجليزية 5.79 MB pdf 2020 الخدمة: Community World Service Asia
    This Booklet, designed for field practitioners, provides easy access to information and tools to apply Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations, including Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA). The Booklet promotes shared decision making at all phases of the programming cycles.
  • معايير اسفير والاستجابة لفيروس كورون
    الفرنسية 377.98 KB pdf 2020 الخدمة: Sphere
    ينتشر فيروس كورونا على مستوى العالم. كيف يمكن للأفراد والمجتمعات والجهات الفاعلة الإنسانية الاستجابة بشكل أفضل لتفشي فيروس كوفيد-19؟ كيف يمكن لدليل اسفير توجيه استجابتنا؟  هذه الوثيقة متاحة بأكثر من 10 لغات في spherestandards.org/coronavirus.  
  • Sphere training pack adapted to Syria response (Arabic)
    عربى 981.38 MB zip 2020 الخدمة: Sphere
    The Syria training pack is a set of Arabic-language materials that contain guidance on how best to apply the Sphere standards in response to the country’s conflict. The pack is based on the 2018 training pack update and includes all the latest additions to the Sphere standards, but it also features additional case studies and multimedia content gathered in and around Syria. The content was developed by experienced Sphere trainers Aya Yagan, Hamza HamwieMohammad Abo Nabout, Rami Rajjoub and Mamdouh Tello.
  • Sphere training pack 2018 (Arabic)
    عربى 1.05 GB zip 2019 الخدمة: Sphere
    The Sphere Training Package (2018 edition) is an essential companion not only for seasoned Sphere trainers, but also for less experienced workshop leaders and even self-learners. The package is the main support tool for lecturers, learning consultants and field trainers who facilitate Sphere training of any kind. It contains five days’ worth of materials, and its modular nature means it can be used in its entirety, reformulated for shorter workshops, or injected into broader initiatives such as humanitarian degree programmes. Click here to download a low-bandwidth version instead (510 MB)
  • (CPMS) الــمـــعــايـــيـــــر الـــدنــــيـــــا لـحــمــايـــــة الــطــفـــل فــي الـعــمــل اإلنــســــانــــي
    الأسبانية 1.36 MB pdf 2019 الخدمة: Child Protection Working Group
    The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action - drafted with inputs from 400 individuals from 30 agencies in over 40 countries - are aimed at those working in child protection or related areas of humanitarian action.
  • What makes International Standards interesting for National Disaster Management Authorities?
    الإنجليزية 1.54 MB pdf 2019 الخدمة: LSE
    This report, produced by a team of student consultants from the London School of Economics (LSE), examines the main opportunities and challenges for engaging with National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs) and looks at how best to enable and support NDMAs to adopt international standards and principles in their national emergency response.
  • حملة الرسوم الكارتونية - German
    ألمانية 47.64 MB zip 2019 الخدمة: Aktion Deutschland Hilft
    أنتج مشروع اسفير سلسلة من ستة ملصقات وبطاقات بريدية متطابقة لتوضيح المبادئ الأساسية المضمنة في الميثاق الإنساني من خلال استخدام الرسوم الكارتونية. تشرح الرسوم الكارتونية قضية معقدة من خلال صورة مرئية بسيطة مما يساعد الناس على تذكر المعلومات بسهولة أكبر. وتساعد الرسوم على نشر المعلومات والتوعية بالميثاق الإنساني والحقوق الأساسية للسكان المتضررين.